Hirtenberger Engineered Surfaces GmbH has its origin in Happy Plating GmbH. Happy Plating was founded in 2004 by the three physical chemists Selma Hansal, Martina Halmdienst and Wolfgang Hansal as a spinoff of an Austrian research center, and acted as a bridge between (applied) research and industrial production. Happy Plating worked as an international process developer, upscaling expert and partner for industrial implementation of electrochemical and galvanic surface finishing and coating processes, based on the company’s internationally acknowledged expertise in pulse plating.

In 2006 Happy Plating founded the European Pulse Plating Seminar as an international networking and cooperation platform for all who work in surface finishing, plating, anodizing or electrochemical surface treatment and are interested in or are already using pulse plating. At the forum, possibilities, applications and developments in the field of pulse plating are presented and discussed by Europe’s’ leading experts. The conference also informs on rectifier technology and the industrial application of pulse plating. This made Happy Plating a vital contact for all kinds of issues regarding pulse plating.

At the end of 2015 the ideal partner for the further development and expansion of Happy Plating was found with the Hirtenberger Group. The company was renamed Hirtenberger Engineered Surfaces and moved to the Hirtenberger campus, where a comprehensive technology center is currently being built for it. Based on an intensive strategy definition phase in 2016 with the help of international experts, new business fields and products will be introduced to the market in 2017.